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Awareness: The Electric Mobility Plan.

Awareness: The Electric Mobility Plan.

"The current mobility scenario, dependent on the use of private vehicles and fossil fuels, influences people's quality of life and entails environmental, social and economic costs."

Nowadays, commuting to work is the main reason for daily journeys and the combustion car is the most used mode of transport. Greening these journeys is a challenge to be addressed, requiring reducing energy consumption and increasing mobility with more efficient means of transport such as active mobility on foot, bicycle, public transport and electric scooters.

The preservation of the planet has always been the most interesting topic to examine and study in recent years. The challenges are increasing given the current overpopulation of the planet, and we believe that every person should feel responsible in a sense for what they will leave to future generations, so environmental and ecological breakthroughs are highly important topics to delve into to really understand the role we play in history.

Mobility, today, is not sustainable. Transport is responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions, making it the second largest emitter of CO2 after electricity production. For this reason, sustainable mobility has been developing everywhere for several decades and innovation is constantly impressing and creating more and more environmentally friendly means of transport.


"An Electric Mobility Plan is a dynamic long-term strategy, which aims to reduce the impact of routine commuting by incorporating electric vehicles as an alternative to combustion vehicles."

At the beginning of a decisive decade for ecology and the preservation of the planet, doubts about new means of transport and their sustainability are emerging. In fact, the car pollutes too much in urban areas, and deteriorates the air we breathe. Consequently, innovation is multiplying and more scooters are being seen for short distances in the city. The electric scooter, regardless of people's economic situation, has made its way into many large cities around the world, complementing the more traditional bicycle commuting.

The population is facing more and more difficulties due to increasing traffic, air and noise pollution, road safety and accidents, parking and climate change. Despite all these traffic and mobility issues and problems that may seem complicated to solve, there is one solution that is being considered more and more over time: sustainable urban mobility.

Generally speaking, sustainable mobility is a type of mobility that will last over time, benefiting both the users of the different modes of transport and the environment. The structure of urban mobility must allow fast city travel, with safety, efficient environmental standards and respect for the planet in terms of pollution.


concientizacion sobre el plan de la movilidad electrica en europa

In the last decade or so, a new type of means of transport has appeared in major cities around the world, called "micro-mobility".

Micromobility is defined as small and light modes of transport with speeds of less than 25 km/h. It refers to any type of vehicle intended for short journeys in urban areas and accessible to anyone, as promoted by Joyor Electric Scooter's Pop Mobility movement. The last decade has seen an exponential growth in mobility systems, first in large cities and gradually in less populated areas as the service is of interest to all.

In this context of environmental challenges and sustainability concerns, it is essential that all of us take an active role in building a cleaner and healthier future for generations to come. Sustainable mobility presents itself as an effective solution to address the traffic, pollution and climate change problems we face in our cities.

By adopting the use of electric scooters in your daily commuting routine, you not only contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and improving the air quality in your city, but you also benefit on a personal level:

  • More active lifestyle
  • No more waiting for public transport timetables.
  • Reduced commuting and maintenance costs
  • Reduced stress level due to noise reduction, among others.

Electric scooters are a versatile and convenient solution for getting around efficiently over short distances, avoiding the stress of traffic, parking problems and costs associated with conventional vehicles.

More and more cities are promoting micro-mobility and incorporating electric scooters into their public transport systems. By making use of this option, you join a global trend towards a more sustainable future and smarter urban mobility.

So we invite you to take the plunge and consider the electric scooter as a viable alternative for your daily commute. You will contribute to the preservation of the planet and enjoy a more efficient and environmentally friendly mobility.

Together we can make a difference and build a greener future!
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